About Saving Lives Fitness

10% of All Sales Goes to
Help Fight Drug Addiction

Donate to St.Judes Research Center Atlanta Nutritional Supplement Supplier, "Saving Lives Fitness"

After witnessing the pain of addiction surrounding our local communities, Saving Lives Fitness was founded by the Johnson Family to provide support to the top rehab and recovery centers in our country today. Working together with treatment centers such as No Longer Bound and St. Jude’s Recovery Center, we invest in our community to build addiction-free, healthy environments where people can find success and freedom.

With every purchase you make the dream of the Johnson family to help end addiction become a reality. Your purchase of our products enables Saving Lives Fitness to lift up those who need it the most.

Sam Johnson,
Saving Lives Fitness

No Longer Bound Recovery: Sam Johnson, Saving Save Lives Fitness Group Photo