About Saving Lives Fitness

10% of All Sales Goes to
Help Fight Drug Addiction

Several years ago, my life nearly came to a very premature and very tragic end. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. What did happen is, with God’s help, my family and friends intervened to help me get the treatment I had to have to overcome drug addiction. Without intervention and treatment, I would not be here today.

No Longer Bound Recovery: Sam Johnson, Saving Save Lives Fitness Group Photo

I am so thankful for receiving the help I so desperately needed! As a result, I have an incredible desire is to help others beat their addiction—and live a healthier life. I founded Saving Lives Fitness in 2020 with two simple goals:

1 – Help others live healthier lives through nutrition and fitness.
2 – Give back to No Longer Bound, the organization that literally helped save my life.

Saving Lives Fitness offers high-quality, targeted nutritional supplements that I have hand selected to meet the needs of people just like you and me. And I’m extremely honored to donate 10% of every dollar to No Longer Bound.

For those who are deep in their addiction, sometimes the usual 30 or 90 day program just won’t work. No Longer Bound is a long-term addiction treatment center for men. In 2015, No Longer Bound helped change my life completely. I can say from personal experience, the work that is done at No Longer Bound can restore your life as well as your relationship with your family.

Saving Lives Fitness is committed to donating 10% of every dollar earned through our business to No Longer Bound so others can also experience a new life.

Sam Johnson,
Saving Lives Fitness